(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in Taiwan: Taipei FM @ 14 Sept (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演台灣站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

Expectation – In my last FM ( Chang Sha in China ) blogging, I do mention Chang Sha FM full of unexpected surprise. So, if you ask me have I found any surprise in Taiwan FM today/tonight, my answer will be yes even it is already my fourth FM ( Shin Hye’s eighth ) since July and most of rundown for TW FM are similar to JP/Tokyo FM. In this case, you can imagine it will be hard for me to find any surprise from the rundown or the production itself, today surprise actually comes from the interaction among Shin Hye, her brother Shin Won & fans. 🙂

Dating – I don’t know how many young, sexy & pretty female artists’ fans will encouraging his/her idol to go dating! Well, Shin Hye’s fans do. 🙂

It is my second time to watch Shin Hye on stage with her brother. Shin Won is a person full of humour. He loves making joke with his “ always being loved by so many fans but only be a sister for me “ younger sister. From Tokyo to Taipei, I have found he is getting better & better to teasing Shin Hye actually. Those chemistry is so funny, warm & full of love from a caring bigger brother to his younger sister.

So you can imagine when Shin Won & Shin Hye was teasing with each other on dating things, those conversation just full of laugh.

“ Shin Hye don’t have boyfriend but I have a girlfriend now  “ ( Shin Won )

“ My boyfriend also on-the-spot now “ ( Shin Hye )

“ Your fans only shows compassion to you now… “ ( Shin Won )

“ She suppose can’t dating now, right? “ ( Shin Won )

“ I still don’t think you can dating… “  ( Shin Won )

Fans’ response on this dating joke also impressive. We just shouted out loudly “ Yes,she can “. LOL. That moment, that kind of emotional attachment among fans and Shin Hye is so sweet & warm!

PSH to CES – TW FM is echoed with JP FM, to pay a tribute to The Heirs. Shin Hye’s today speech to Eun Sang not only full of emotion but also give fans a big surprise for how she ends the speech.

“ Eun Sang, it don’t have much time until your university exam, you know those exam in Korea is really important, if you don’t want been blamed by your mom, you need working hard on it … “

“ No matter how many difficulties both of you are facing in future, you and Kim Tan please still holding hands tightly & never let go of your hands … … even more difficulties you are going to face, you should just like Kim Tan always said, just keep on going … “

“ I feel so happiness to meet you and also thank you so much “

“ And if one day you and Kim Tan is getting marry, please don’t forget to send me an invitation! “

We ( fans ) just couldn’t stop to laugh loudly when hearing the last part of speech. Really unexpected Shin Hye will have such so sweet conversation with Eun Sang ( & fans ).

Live – I am a person to enjoy live performance. But not every artist can be a good live performer. Shin Hye is good on it from my own experience.

She not only have good interaction with MC and fans during interviews / Q&A part, she also shows her calm & quick response from facing some outstanding issue on stage ( just some minor things but since I am sitting in the first row, so I know about it ) to some unexpected fans response during Q&A section.

If you consider you are a true fans of her, her live performance will worth your time & hearts. You will more like, love & support her after you are really sitting at the same hall & spend some time with her in her FM. : )

Songs – Well, I am a little bit greedy I admit. Even today’s Break up for me, I’m still … is so perfect with she RAP again. ( No offence, but the background noise from fans in Chang Sha FM is just too loud, I barely can listen clearly what she RAP for this song last time ). But I miss Without Words so much!

Oppa – After all those Hi-touch / group photo taking things, some fans do leaving the FM venue a little bit late. It is why we have found Shin Won is leaving with his guitar by himself. He is really friendly & nice to fans when waiting lift at lobby. Fans are just chit chat & shaking hands with him. Looking forward he can have more music co-operation with his sister in future.

The last feeling I should like to share is I actually feel some of fun to see how Shin Hye just so determined to refuse answering those questions about “ Which kisses scene are your favourite? , Who is your favourite co-star? Which co-star you have most chemistry on kisses scene? etc. From all the FM I have attend so far, she just answers total different & un-related things & to ignore the original questions at all. Really straight forward! A truly smart person!

If nothing happen, next weekend Thai FM should be the last one in 2014. Have no idea what will happen since I don’t know Thai and I know no any English translation will be provided. Stay tuned.

Last but not the least, much appreciated on PSHTW to help overseas fans for the tickets arrangement. : )

Patsy @ 15 Sept Taipei

( TW FM is the first FM I go with other Shin Hye fans. It is much more fun to meet & to attend the FM with other fans not only from TW but also from other countries. Things been more perfect for me! Special thanks to my travel buddy even you are not a good Google Translate … LOL … Cheers )

Story of Angel in Taiwan - Taipei

Story of Angel in Taiwan – Taipei


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in China: Chang Sha FM @ 9 Aug (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演長沙站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

Life is full of unexpectation and surprise! Tonight Chang Sha FM is definitely one of them!

It is Shin Hye’s fourth FM in China since 2 weeks ago, and it is my second one. So it do make sense after going through all those fans cam videos from Shanghai, Chongqing to Shen Zhen, with still really fresh memory on those young, HOT & can’t stop screaming SZ China fans, I don’t expect any surprise tonight. My original expectation is only to see can I just ignore all those screaming & focus on her live performance!

Well, tonight not much screaming actually. Chang Sha fans shows their support in another way rather than screaming from beginning to ends. Once Lovely Day music come out and Shin Hye appear from backstage, fans just standing up, leaving their chairs & gathering in front of the stage. We ( including me for sure ) waving hands & light sticks to cheers for her first song in Chang Sha. : ) It also happens when she presents awards to the winner of the C Girls Competition & then saying goodbye to all of us. So, fans should give a big hug to tonight concert hall security guard & staff!
For me, it has more fun in a concert actually!

Second big big surprise is without ” Without Words “, she sings Breakup for You, I am still… ( the Standing Eggs remake ) tonight. It is my second favorite after Without Words : ). I never expect she will have second rundown in China FM. Another great part coming from she is choosing all those heart-breaking hugging & kissing videos from TheHeirs as background screening for Standing Eggs remake song. And she even RAP the part by herself tonight! Amazing! ( Shin Hye didn’t rap for this song in Tokyo FM )

I rarely describe how she dress in my FM blogging cos fans can have their own comment after seeing all photos. But I want to make one exception tonight. Her black & white with grey color tone dressing for judge part making her so cool & sharp tonight! In Cantonese description – 型到爆。

So, my little conclusion is I love Chang Sha fans more & I enjoy a great 2 days 1 night FM trip indeed. Wish she will have another great night in Beijing tomorrow. Then we ( Shin Hye & fans ) will have a month break until Taiwan & Thailand FM in mid September. I am so desperate to see she dance in Taiwan & Thailand FM now! LOL!

Patsy @ ChangSha @ 9 Aug 2014

( I was in a hurry to upload my blogging last night due to I can only visit wordpress/twitter/facebook etc through my mobile phone data roaming day pass plus VPN connection before midnight. As usual, I would like to share a little bit more my overseas FM minor things & thought even though they are not related to the FM itself. So I write again during my train back HK today.

First, I am happy to meet QQ guy ( a nickname ) who help me go through all those China FM lucky draw ticketing things in his hometown finally. Even he is not a fan of Shin Hye & KR TV drama, he do accompanied me to watch last night FM. With his accompany, I can run around the concert hall freely & no need to worry about my bag/stuff etc. : )

Second, ride on the high-speed-railway in China, it only takes around 6 hours from HK ( my home ) to Chang Sha. A really fast and comfortable ride with budget ticket prices. It really changes our concept of “travel”. For me, I don’t really count it as a “ oversea trip “ even I travel from the southern part to the central part of China. : ) And hope one day I no need those VPN connection but still can tweet, communicate with the rest of world from there! )

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in China: ShenZhen FM @ 3 Aug (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演深圳站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

From JP to China, Shin Hye has already held her FM tour across 5 Asia cities in last 16 days. Quite amazing indeed!

I used to mentioned in my Tokyo FM blogging the variety of Shin Hye’s JP fans base is amazing. Tonight, when we look into her China Fans base, it is dominated by young people for sure. Those young & HOT fans screaming from beginning to ends, from speaking her Chinese name loudly to everything! In the matter of facts, I also screaming with them to enjoy my great time in SZ night. LOL! And if you go to watch all those fans cam videos, you will find China fans singing along with Shin Hye really much. Tonight, most of fans sing along with her in the chorus part of Without Words & My Dear! In a word to re-cap, China FM is HOT! Full of passion! One moment, I thought I am in a rock n roll concert! : D

Since the China FM is part of the TongYi Juices – C Girl Competition Campaign, it also raises my interest on how to combine the theme of ” Story of Angel ” & ” C Girl ” things together. Especially the FM only in 1 hour long duration.

The mix & match with the combination of Story of Angel lighting backdrop, a really attractive FM theme music to those CF, Q & A related to TongYi Juices in a quite smooth transition actually. The overall approach and the way to deliver the message for China FM is pretty straight forward – her popular songs + most popular TV video clips + game with fans + answer fans’ Weibo questions & some questions from MC. A little bit difficult to find any surprise here.

Shin Hye’s full of passion & emotion singing to echo with those video shot from TheHeir & You’re Beautiful in a big screen to create a good impact on the audiences/fans. Fans screams a lot no matter what they saw & listened! And the Chinese version of My Dear is no doubt be another highlight after Story & Without Words. Even it is not the first time she sing a Chinese song. ( Personally I really love the Chinese version of Lovely Day she sang in last year Shanghai FM, I watched that video clip from YouTube all the time! LOL )  The video to talk about her brother & their childhood as the good leads to introduce the song. And again, her live performance for My Dear Chinese version proving to us her promising in singing.

The last thing I would like to share is she feels a little bit sad tonight. May be she emotional too involve when singing Without Words, I see her tears with such kind of sadness affection. It is not a kind of feeling I ever got from all those previous FM videos. In my memory, she always feel so happy, even had some touching moment with crying in FM, but just not in this kind of sadness sharing.

Chang Sha is her next stop after SZ. Ride on the high speed rail network, I am going to experience the so called ” living circle of high-speed-rail” in coming weekend. : )

Patsy in SZ@4 Aug 2014

( The following part of blogging not really about the FM itself. Just some personal sharing about the ” unbelievable ” & ” complicated ” process to play and redeem the China FM ticket. As a person who was born in HK, living in HK & have a lot personal & professional interaction with China, in the matter of fact, do I entitle to participant a commercial sponsor game in China? It don’t state it clearly from the game official website, at least I couldn’t find such info. And after a lot of chaos in China Style , even I do secure a FM ticket after lucky draw the last week of June, but I can only update my personal info with my China ID info successfully 3 days before the SZ FM. The reason we need to do so is because the FM ticket can only been redeemed with our China ID card plus the email invitation on the event day. As a dot.com person to earn her living in Internet in past 1x years, I admit I just couldn’t believe will have a game which suppose riding on online platform for lucky draw and redemption part will be have such huge amount of manual work at the end! And I really appreciate those Small C from TongYi Official Weibo account to help me to verify my identity )

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

Story of Angel in China - Shen Zhen

Story of Angel in China – Shen Zhen


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