(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in Japan: Tokyo FM @ 20 July (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演東京站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

(Chi ver: 寫於中文的內容,跟英文原版不完全相同)

20:30 – I get lost in Tokyo AGAIN! ( I was so lost in Shinjuju for my Tokyo Marathon in Feb, and never expect I will get lost again in Ikebukuro! LOL ) Well, I total lost in Ikebukuro JR Station under heavy rains after the FM. After some searching, I finally in a taxi back hotel.

16:35 – One great thing for Japan FM, and it may be total different comparing with all other overseas FMs, is any photos or videos taking is prohibited during the event. More, once you enter the concert hall, where no any mobile signal can be found anymore, the only thing you can do is to concentrate on the FM itself. No any distraction it could be. 🙂

17:45 – Today/tonight is 100% Park Shin Hye vs Cha Eun Sang thing. No offence to all other ShinHye fans who are more favour on You’re Beautiful, Heart Stings or Flower Boys Next Door, but it is a FM to pay tribute to TheHeirs ( IMHO ). If you are a big fans of TheHeirs like me, even you don’t know any Japanese and Korean ( It’s me – LOL ), you still will be really enjoy the FM. From the first song Shin Hye sang as the opening of the FM, Story, to the “ best of best videos “ from TheHeirs are chosen to share, you will find so deep emotional sharing from ParkShinHye to ChaEunSang. It is so amazing we can actually sit in a same hall, to watch & to share part of the best video scene with EunSang herself!!!

And you can imagine how excited we are when Shin Hye dress in a Jeguk High School uniform to show up on stage. I am trying to search a vocabulary from my mind to describe how she look like in that uniform tonight, it is more than “ cute “, sure it is really “ cute “ , but still a lot more feeling can be filled inside rather than just “ cute “. Again, ParkShinHye/ChaEunSang in an uniform to take a group photo with all of fans tonight.

17:05 – Another great surprise for me is I never expect her live vocals can be so great. I have watched a lot of her previous FM videos from YouTube and China websites, from A.N.JELL, first JP FM, last year Shanghai, Manilla, Thailand FM, to this year New York Drama Fever FM, I know her Iive songs performance is full of emotion and better than the soundtrack, but what I have listened tonight is still a lot out of my expectation.If you compare “ Without Words “ from last year ShangHai FM to today Tokyo one, you will understand what I am trying to say here. I can really feel a young and talented artist to put her hearts on her career. And the overall concert arrangement from what she dress/hair style to the lighting & sound quality is so wonderful. Fighting!

Well, Shin Hye’s big brother Shin Won sure is another highlight for the night. It is a warm and funny brother-sister sharing things to fans. Much appreciated.

18:30 – Interaction with fans should play an crucial role in a FM. And for tonight FM, we are just full of laughs for all games & lucky draw playful things. One of the best arrangement I will name it is after Shin Hye making some juice and some fans has been chosen by her to taste it, she actually come down from stage to the floor to pass the juice to those chosen fans one by one, it makes her actually walking around the concert floor to connecting with most of fans in a near distance.

19:00 – The variety of fan-base is another great thing I would like to share. I saw different age group fans come today. More women than men. And JP fans is so subtle and shy. No offence again! Just true feeling. Highly appreciated again!

19:30 – After a sort of say goodbye to all of us and a video message from her full of emotion voice, I thought it should be the end of the FM … She sudden appear in the stage again with a new set of dress in a casual style! She sang one more song The Day We Fall in Love for us and we are all so excited to clap hands along the song, some of us even standing up to cheer for the moment.

19:45 – Shin Hye starts to signing for fans who have purchased the official goods today. It must have more than 100 fans in the signing queue. Her smile during signing is a little bit tired actually. May be too demanding after 2.5 hours long FM?

01:21 – I am happy can finish my blogging with so fresh memory. Next is should I just go bed or re-watch a little bit TheHeirs from my iPad mini? 😀

Good night – for all those good memories tonight : )

Patsy@Tokyo@21 July 2014

( Special thanks to all great JP fans & JP Fan Club staff on some Japanese/English  translation help today )


昨晚信惠東京的 FM ,只能用超級好看去形容!特別是當大會說明不準拍照及錄影。當你進到會場時,你㑹發現連手機訊號也沒有了。那一刻的好,是要一點時間去体㑹的!這讓我們更專心、更珍惜眼前的時光。聽過的、看到的、一同歡呼驚嘆過的,那些美好的回憶,更多留在腦海心底

我相信每一個 FM 的 Rundown,是不可能完全複製,總是會因應環境、場地和覌眾而有所不同。東京的 Rundown,是屬於日本 Fans 的。日本 Fans 的含蓄、害羞、內斂,做就了她兩度從台上跑下來,又從容地完成了她的任務,跑回台上去。Body Guard, 嗯,像見不到!也沒需要!

每一個 FM,可能都需要一個主題。這次的 FM,不只是屬於朴信惠的,還是屬於車恩尚的。從 FM 第一首歌「 Story 」開始、到之後每一個環節,都跟「継承者們」緊緊相扣。

如果你是一名超級「継承者們」Fans ,即使你完全不懂日文和韓文,像我,這個 FM,你還是會看得很投入和盡情的。從最佳片段分享、車恩尚經典鏡頭大合照遊戲、信惠親手弄並送給粉絲享用的果汁環節,每一個 Moment,都會勾起我們對車恩尚、對継承者們的回憶!FM 中,可以告訴大家,大部分時間,都是充滿笑聲的!



信惠哥哥的出場,當然也是這晚的重點之一。除了哥哥為妹妹彈結它伴奏的場面,樸實的哥哥,和開著玩笑的妹妹,跟 Fans 間的互動,也很溫馨。當台下粉絲大叫著哥哥的名字,哥哥也欣然受落,還像捨不得離開舞台的情景,便很親切。最後,哥哥可還是給妹妹笑著拉着回到後台啦!

全晚的開場,像一場 mini concert。當然我是知道她的現場演繹是很有感情、很好看的,也帶有期待。但這晚的 Live ,從 Story 的第一句開始、到 Without Word,之後的 Break Up then,Still… ( Standing Eggs remake ),每一句,都完全出乎我預期的好!這部分,從舞台背景燈光到造型衣著,配合得很出色!她的努力和付出,相信現場的 Fans 們都感受到。Fighting!

(Park Shin Hye Story of Angel World Tour 2014 in Tokyo 20 July 2014 – 後記中文版 寫於成田機場&回港機上)

             Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

Story of Angel in Tokyo FM

Story of Angel in Tokyo FM


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