Park Shin Hye Hunan TV Lantern Festival @ 5 Mar 2015: Video List (朴信惠 2015 湖南衛視元宵 視頻清單)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Hunan TV Lantern Festival( 3 videos )

Last Update: 8 Mar 2015

Before we go through follow video list, once again, let’s give thanks to the one who bring all those wonderful moment to us in Hunan TV Lantern Festival. Thanks, Shin Hye, you are the best dear to us! Fighting!

Full Video – Hunan TV China Official Release

Credit: PSHARAB8@YouTube & HunanTVChina

Full Video – Mango TV Cut Credit: PSHARAB8@YouTube & Mango TV
Song “一見您就笑” by Park Shin Hye & Huang Xiao Ming Credit:PSH_BaiduBar百度朴信惠吧@YouTube
& HunanTVChina

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