Park Shin Hye 2015 Asia Tour – Dream of Angel in Korea: Seoul FM/Birthday Party @ 14 Feb (朴信惠 2015 巡演首爾站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Seoul – Tokyo – Shanghai – HongKong – Taipei – ShenZhen – ChengDu

Part 1 ( Shin Hye Parents’ Restro )-Part 2 ( Agatha Fan Signing )-Part 3 ( BDay Party )

I went 5 of Shin Hye’s FM across 4 Asia countries in 2014. It’s already been 5 months since the last FM in Thailand. I am a new fan ( or named as a new face among her fans community ) to Shin Hye. 30 Apr 2014, was the first day I had started to watch The Heirs ^_^ From Cha Eun Sang to Choi In Ha, from Tokyo to Seoul, I felt so excited that I finally can enjoy all fans things in her hometown – South Korea.

My FA will be a little bit long. The trip was not only about her birthday party/Korea FM, it was also about my first visit to Shin Hye parents’ restaurant & the most surprised Agatha Fan Signing ( it was only announced 1 week before the FM and we were so lucky had been helped by some KR fans to purchasing products for the signing tickets ).

Parents vs Daughter: If you are a fan of Shin Hye, her parents’ restaurant should be one of the must-visit place during your stay in Seoul. We have visited the restaurant on Fri night. ( Fan signing & FM hold on Sat ) The restaurant was located near Jamsil area.

Since we came with KR fan who knows Shin Hye’s mom really well, Shin Hye’s mom spent quite a lot of time to take care our table that night. From helping us to order food, chit chat with us, to roasting meat for us.  ( it is a KR style roast meat / BBQ intestines restaurant ) . I remembered she stood besides our table, roasted most of meat for us once she no need take care other customers. You may find my description too exaggerate but that kind of friendliness was like we are ” friends ” rather than ” fans ” of her daughter. ^_^

If u go Twitter & read a FA of @egolden, then u will read a truly touched story about Shin Hye mom was trying to stop us to purchasing some plum wines from her restaurant. I remembered that part but never know the full story until @egolden tweet out the story after the trip.

Another impressive conservation between Shin Hye’s mom and me is near the end of our visit, I forgot what I was talking but after some simple reply, she spoke in KR to say she felt sorry cos she don’t know Eng ( KR fan translated for me ). She was so humble. It is why we always feel Shin Hye’s humbleness. Like mother, like daughter.

The restaurant is a middle size one. I saw Shin Hye’s father was busy to walking around, in and out the restaurant to take care everything. If you have ever read any FA about visiting the restaurant, fans always said Shin Hye’s parents always in a big & cheerful smiles. That night I saw both of them chit chat a lot with customers in a casual & friendliness atmosphere. For sure, Shin Hye is inherited good genes to have cheerful smiles from her parents.

I didn’t talk much to Shin Hye’s father comparing to mother. The only conversation between us was when we were taking a group photo ( I travelled with another HK fan & one Indonesian fan this time ), we have talked about the height and he used his hand to show Shin Won oppa ( Shin Hye’s older brother ) is higher than him. He talked about it with a proud of smiles.

After the Fri night dinner visit, I have re-visited the restaurant on a Tue afternoon to enjoy a quiet lunch after a few days’ happy and packed schedule. Later then I met a friend at Jasmil area. Shin Hye’s mom remembered me. I picked a corner table & Shin Hye’s mom help me to order. I told her I couldn’t eat spicy food. After staff deliver the food and I have started to eat ( I was so hungry that time ) , she came to checking do the food is ok for me ^_^ I told her it is not spicy. She said ” sweet ” and smiled.

During the lunch, I was keep hearing ” Shin Hye ” ‘s name from tables next to me. Guess most of customers here familiar with Shin Hye and her family.

After a quiet lunch, I paid the bill and plan to leave to meet my friend.( Shin Hye’s mom has already left that time ) I saw Shin Hye’s father outside  to do something. I came to say goodbye & have found that he squatted down to prepare some charcoal pot ( using for BBQ ) for customers’ later use. It is a small restaurant & things been handled by couple themselves.

There is a sentence we always hear or read from SNS: What kind of artist will have what kind of fans. For me, my little bit elaboration on top will be what kind of parents will have what kind of children ( daughter ).

Fan Signing: It is another surprise for my trip ^_^ For me, chance can be part of the Fan Signing is much less then go Shin Hye’s FM.

Every Fan Signing is different. How to get the signing ticket is the first thing we need to find out. Some fan signing will ask fans to buy products on first come first serve base. Some need lucky draw even after purchasing products and some will only ask fans in a queue with first come first serve on the event date. I was so lucky the Agatha Fan Signing falling into category 1.

I still remember Agatha announced the event one week before the FM and that morning we were ( my travel buddy Pi & I ) so busy to find out the way to get the tickets. ^_^ You can imagine if we have already in Seoul that day, we sure want to join more activities on top of Shin Hye’s B Day party. After some back & forth, we have secured our signing tickets through some super nice KR fans. Eiji San had already in Seoul that weekend, and he was also really nice to say he can help actually.

Location is next thing we care about after how to get ticket. ^_^ Again, we were so lucky Agatha fan signing hold inside a department store open area. It recalled my experience of attending the press conference of Thai FM last year. With more people can participant even they may not can got the signing, the atmosphere were hot that day.

My signing ticket is number 21 and I stood at the first line in the waiting area. So I can saw the opening part in a near distance. From Shin Hye entering the signing event area, waving hands to fans and media, delivered a short speech with MC to sitting down to sign the first signing for media to take photos. Things so real. Even we had seen such scenes many times from many previous fan signing videos. But the day when you are part of the fan signing, you will feel the different.

It was my fifth time can see Shin Hye in such near distant and it was my second time in her fan signing. Comparing with Tokyo FM one, I have better preparation. ^_^ Beside the flowers and a original designed card I gave her, I also prepared one simple KR to introduce myself and glad she understood what I was speaking with some smiling response. And I need to speak in following way AGAIN, Shin Hye real person is much more prettier than in TV or any good quality printed photos, magazines sort of. ^_^ LOL. I actually answered many times to many fans upon this point since last year.


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