Park Shin Hye 2015 Asia Tour – Dream of Angel in Japan: Tokyo FM & White Day Party @ 15 Mar (朴信惠 2015 巡演東京站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Seoul – Tokyo – Shanghai – HongKong – Taipei – ShenZhen – ChengDu

Shin Hye Cake: Shin Hye made a cake today in Tokyo FM. One JP fan ( Twitter @nam00n ) was chosen to awarded the cake because her writing about Shin Hye! After FM, some fans ( including JP/KR/HK ) met her and she was not only let us taking photos with the cake. She actually invited all of us sharing the cake after photo taking. So, around 10 fans had a bite of ” Shin Hye Cake “. It was one of the best part to me for 2015 Tokyo FM! Thank You!!!^_^

Candles: Shin Hye has held FM & White Day Party ( dinner show ) at same venue but different rundown this year. The dinner show had around 100 fans to attend with 4 fans per table. Closeness – is the first word I would like to use to describing the feeling among Shin Hye & fans in the party. The rundown was making her had a lot of moment really close to us. Shin Hye is always good in pink! She dressed pink suit in the first half of the party. Then, after a few moment disappearing from the stage, she entered the hall from another exit in a sharp & bright red suit plus wearing a sliver high heel ( she tied up her long hair with red suit  for second half of party ) ^_^

And she was holding a long lighter to light up the candles of each table for us. The reflection of the light from the fire on her face, on her suit creating an unbelievable gorgeous & harmony scene. We all watched she walking around the party hall, with a cheerful smiles to lighting candles from one table to another. She truly did it with her hearts. That moment was so impressive in my mind. Felt so touching & be blessed.

Pinocchio Cone: I sat with Eiji san couple in the FM. If u followed Eiji san twitter u mostly knew that he owns a pair of Pinocchio orange( or red ) cone ^_^ He brought that pair of cones to the FM. In a photo game section with fans, Shin Hye & one fan need to wear that pair of cone to take photo together. But the cones had been prepared were in white color ( I don’t really get this point, why in white color? ). And Shin Hye did aware that pair of orange cones Eiji san brought inside the hall. After Shin Hye confirmed with Eiji san he owns that pair of cones, Shin Hye felt so amazing & said: Daebak

Fans: If you have followed any FA about Shin Hye for certain period of time, you must have an impression for some really consistent comment from fans – Shin Hye always be kind & friendly to fans. Eiji san’s wife didn’t feel well yesterday. She wear a mask most of time. Obviously Shin Hye saw it from stage since we were really close to Shin Hye. When the moment Shin Hye came to Eiji san table, Shin Hye did talk to her & asking her condition. Another moment was when Shin Hye sang her last 2 songs, she did keep walking around the stage in 360 degrees so let all the fans can see her. When she sang ” Arm Pillow “and near my side, I did waving hands to her, she saw me & waving back. Later, when she sang the last song ” Love like snow “, I were waving hands to her again, this time, she walked towards me a few steps & waved back again >_< In FM, Shin Hye really pay her attention to fans! It is what I am trying to say!!

Group Photo: White Day Party – I didn’t know we will have table group photo with Shin Hye in the party until I already inside the party hall. ^_^ It was a big surprise for me!!! Even each table have 4 fans, but the organizer manage the group photos with some flexibility. I sat with JP fan Kondo san and another HK fan Pi, so our group photo was just 3 of us with Shin Hye ^-^

Shin Hye was put down her long hair with her bright red suit to take photos with us. In every group, Shin Hye asked us to do different cute pose together for the photo. The pose of the group previous ours was to put their hands as ” love shape ” under chin. For our group, Shin Hye asked us to putting fingers on both side of our faces to smile cutely ^_^

During that short period of time photo taking session, Shin Hye did chit chat with us. She talked to Konda san about he dressed differently tonight & it was cool  ( should refer to most of us dress more formal in white day party ). And after photo taking, Pi also had some conversation with her.

Even she has already taking photos with 21 groups ( we are in group 21 ) and should still have less than 10 groups coming. But Shin Hye was still so responsive to fans.


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