Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in Thailand: Bangkok FM @ 20 Sept (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演曼谷站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo Shen ZhenChang ShaTaipei – Bangkok

 2 months – 4 countries – 5 FM

You Are The Best Dear To Me – Shin Hye update her second selfie group photo ( the one with all of us to holding “  You Are The Best Dear To Me “ sticker ) in twitter after she arrives Bangkok airport on the way to back home.

The 2014 FM tour was rounded off in a perfect way by “ You Are The Best Dear To Me“ project . Truly appreciate PSH_Thai FC to have this warm & touching ideas. Shin Hye is so moved after she saw the project. She gave a touching speech with full of tears in nearly 10 mins. And later after the last song The Day We Fall in Love, she takes the second group photo with us to use the project as background. For one moment, she sings “You Are The Best Dear To Me  “ with her clear voice. It should be the best group photo for 2014 FM tour. I am so glad be part of it 🙂

PSH vs Kim Tan – Shin Hye chooses total 3 new Best of the Best videos to sharing tonight ( the videos which are chosen to sharing is same for both Tokyo and Taipei FM ). And I never heard so many “ Kim Tan “ during video sharing or interviews part like tonight.: ) Shin Hye talks many about Kim Tan & fans sure shows great response on it. LOL! The chemistry among MC, Shin Hye & fans just been so great & full of big laugh & interaction again : )

And I am sure fans will never forget she has whispered a few dialogues while she is watching the best of best videos tonight. Amazing!

If you love The Heirs, if you love Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang, you will find it is like a kind of dream tonight. It must be our dream catcher to make our dreams in this way.

PSH – She shows her confidence on her stage performance really much tonight. From full of emotion slow song in a more mature look to the fast songs in a cuteness performing. From making fun with MC to joking with fans. She shares the best moment with fans. Fighting, looking forward she will have more awesome performance in future.

Cha Eun Sang – Guess all of fans do expect we will see Cha Eun Sang tonight! We are actually lead by MC to shout loudly “ Cha Eun Sang “ to welcome her on stage with us. : )

To fans, it may be our last time to meet Eun Sang in person. The memories from Tokyo, Taipei to Bangkok all are so good. After tonight, I truly hope Shin Hye will move on to a new role to accept more challenge in near future. We are looking forward her new TV and any new things she is going to try.

Cha Eun Sang, will always be a sweet dream in fans’ heart.

Best of the Best – Here is my own Best of the Best moment on 5 FM:

Tokyo – The concert part of Tokyo FM is still the most completed among all FM I have attended this year. “ Young, sexy & elegant “ is the overall impression for Shin Hye’s concert part that night.

Shen Zhen – Young & HOT China fans impressed me a lot. Even I don’t really fond of fans still screaming & shout loudly when an artist sings slow song. But without doubt China fans shows their passion & support to Shin Hye.

Chang Sha – It is Shin Hye’s first RAP for Break Up for You, I’m still…( Standing Eggs remake ) in live. Truly glad I am one of those fans to listen it that night.

Taipei – Sure it is PSH to CES speech part. Truly hope when the day Kim Tan & Eun Sang is getting marry, they will not only invite Shin Hye but also all of fans. LOL.

Bangkok – “  You Are The Best Dear To Me “ project rounded up and re-cap all my good memories in 2014 FM tour.

Fans vs Friendship – It is always been so amazing to see fans willing to bring all those Shin Hye goods from one country to another country for sharing. I did receive some nice goods from Eiji san in Taipei, and have received more from PSH_Thai fans & PSH_Supporters from Korea in Thai FM. And all fans are so excited when they see my TongYi Juices small gift. Hummm, in the matter of fact, the mango taste TongYi Juices with Shin Hye packing do out of stock on and off. Lucky I have two friends who are working in Shen Zhen and willing be my supplier of the juices. : )

I am also so lucky to meet a Thai fan who know Chinese during the Press Conference the day before the FM. @ingsocute, thanks for all your translation help on the PC, during & after the FM. @Ployzsuay, thank you to help me on the FM ticket booking & your gifts @ling_ml, I think we have a good time in Bangkok especial that night we “ meet the Princess ” things.

FAQ – Follow 2 questions I have been asked from many fans I have been connected in Twitter, weibo or my blog over last 2 months after I back from Tokyo FM:

Q 1: Please tell me do Shin Hye real person is truly beautiful?

A 1: Yes. Definitely. No doubt about it.

Q 2: Do her real person much more pretty than in TV?

A 2: Again, the answer is yes. Her real person looks much more pretty than in TV.

The time when we say good bye to some Thai fans after FM Hi-Touch & small group photo taking, I do remember @Pank_blue say see you in Twitter later.

Yes, let’s see each other in Twitter until the day we meet again in next FM : )

Patsy @ 21 Sept Bangkok

Story of Angel in Thailand - Bangkok

Story of Angel in Thailand – Bangkok


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