Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in ChongQing: Fans Cam Video List (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演重慶站 粉絲視頻清單)

ChongQinq FM 2 Aug

Before we go through follow video list, once again, let’s give thanks to the one who bring all those wonderful moment to us in China FM. Thanks, Shin Hye, you are the best dear to us! Fighting!

Interviews I Credit: 优嘉嘉@youku
Interviews II & The Heirs Photos Game video Credit: 优嘉嘉@youku
Interviews III – Shin Hye has an interesting conversation with ChongQing fans regarding the Chinese Valentine Day ( 2 Aug was the Chinese Valentine Day – QiXi Festival ) Credit: 优嘉嘉@youku
Shin Hye as the C-Girl Competition Judge Credit: PSHARAB8@YouTube & TongYi Juice
Lovely Day I Credit: PSHARAB8@YouTube &幺儿抽筋@tudou
Lovely Day II Credit: 优嘉嘉@youku
Story I Credit: PSHARAB8@YouTube &幺儿抽筋@tudou
Story II Credit: 优嘉嘉@youku
Without Words I Credit: PSHARAB8@YouTube &幺儿抽筋@tudou
Without Words II Credit: 优嘉嘉@youku
My Dear I Credit: PSHARAB8@YouTube &幺儿抽筋@tudou
My Dear II Credit: 优嘉嘉@youku
The Day We Fall in Love I Credit: PSHARAB8@YouTube &幺儿抽筋@tudou
The Day We Fall in Love II Credit: 优嘉嘉@youku

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