Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in China: Fans Cam Video List Intro (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演中國站 粉絲視頻清單)

Shanghai FMChongQinq FMShenZhen FMChangSha FMBeiJing FM

Well, I can be a well-organised person if I want to. So, I am trying to sort out all wonderful Fans Cam video list for everybody to easy reference.

I don’t take or upload of any of following videos and I will try to state the source/credit of all owners of all videos.

Since most of Fans Cam videos come from China video site originally and has been re-uploaded to YouTube for global fans with faster connection. So I won’t list down 2 different video site URL for same video. No offense to the original China Fans Account if I only state the YouTube re-uploaded URL.

And my list also not limited to YouTube URL since I will also love to credit original video owners. Enjoy the variety in global base is part of the theme of my oversea FM blogging. ( A kindly reminder, the China video site will suffer from unstable on and off, so you have found any China Video Site URL inaccessible, just come back later )

The list will continue to update until 14/9, the date for Taiwan FM. 🙂

A reminder, I don’t comment or ranked on the quality of the videos cos sometime even a video is not a close up or high resolution one but we can see more of the stage or feel the Live show atmosphere. And most important, all Fans Cam videos should be much appreciated. Only hearts of thankful here.

Before we go through follow video list, once again, let’s give thanks to the one who bring all those wonderful moment to us in China FM. Thanks, Shin Hye, you are the best dear to us! Fighting!

Shanghai FMChongQinq FMShenZhen FMChangSha FMBeiJing FM


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