(Article) Park Shin Hye 2015 Asia Tour – Dream of Angel in China: Shanghai FM @ 28 Mar (朴信惠 2015 巡演上海站)-박신혜-パク·シネ – Eng ver

Seoul – Tokyo – Shanghai – HongKong – Taipei – ShenZhen – ChengDu

Chi Eng – Korean

( the content of Eng ver not identical with Chi ver )

If you ask me to rank, I will rank this FM is the second the best after Tokyo White Day party in Mar among all 9 FM I have ever attended since last year ^_^

I did mention in my Tokyo FM FA to state that kind of closeness Shin Hye with us ( fans ) is something can only happen in JP ( I think can also happen in KR even Shin Hye seems never hold similar FM in her hometown ). But even Shin Hye only stayed at stage in Shanghai FM, but we can feel another kind of closeness among Shin Hye & fans regardless the physical distance.

MC brother & the translator have done a great job for the FM. And I am pretty sure Shin Hye understand many simple Chi words now. With the good MC & translator’s help, she can more easy to understand China fans’ response ( from Chi to KR ) & can gave more direct / faster response to echo with each other. It played a crucial part in a FM when we ( fans & Shin Hye ) comes from different language & culture background ^_^ It is part of the reasons when you watched back those fan cam videos, you will easy to find she was keeping big laugh & big laugh in FM. In some parts, my feeling was she total forgot she was on her public appearance with fans, and that kind of happiness was just like she enjoyed her own private party with friends.

Continue to talk more on the funniest moment in FM. Another reason was cos many response from China fans were really straight forward, honest & with all their true hearts. They will shouted loudly to tell Shin Hye ” because you are always pretty ” when MC brother asked Shin Hye why she still can so pretty during crying scenes to ” We don’t want you played as a lover with KYK cos you belongs to us ” . The best part was actually coming from Shin Hye & fans not totally agree with each other! China fans will shouted out clearly with the message ” No ” to Shin Hye & Shin Hye also answered with full of her quick response & in a humor way ^_^ At the end, big laugh is the only thing left in the conversation.

During FM, China fans asked Shin Hye update more on Weibo. Shin Hye’s first reply was a little bit tricky actually. She didn’t admit it & just asking fans ” you don’t think I have more update lately ? ” Sure all China fans shouted loudly ” No “. Then she smiled as her usual charming way & continued making joke with fans to say , ” Oh, you don’t think it will lack of mysterious if I updated more “. Well, here is our Shin Hye. After FM, she started to sync her IG post to Twitter & Weibo at the same time. She heard her fans’ voice ^_^

I always enjoy Shin Hye singing in live. Her live performance was full of emotion but not flawless. Every time when she stopped for a moment during her singing, no matter the reason what, sometime it was because of fans’ screaming response, and sometime it seems like she just stopped by herself, she will have that kind of sweet & a little bit shy smiles. It is a kind of signature smiles for me ^_^ In Shanghai FM, she had that kind of smiles again when singing Story. She seems couldn’t believe she will sing wrong in chorus part & keeping to smiles in that look for awhile. Well, after the song, she actually talked about it by herself when no one asking her ,” Oh, I just didn’t really aware that I was singing wrong ” >_<  Here is our humble & sweet Shin Hye as usual ^_^

In every FM, fans always expect some surprise. Sometime, surprise was coming from the scheduled rundown. Last year ( 2014 ), the biggest surprise should be Shin Hye was wearing Jeguk High School uniform to bring Cha Eun Sang on stage! Surprise can also bring from fans to the artists themselves. In 2014 tour, the last FM was in Bangkok ( Thai FM ), Thai fans prepared a video to Shin Hye and MC was asking Shin Hye come down the stage to watch the video ( she actually can just watch the video on stage ). After she watched the video and back to stage facing us again, in the dark, she saw all fans holding a banner with shinning words ” You’re the best dear to me “.

She was so touched and she couldn’t stop crying while giving her long thank you speech.

If you are a fan of her, you should know she is a person easy been touched and cries. But she is also a person easy to laugh. I never seen her laughs and cries so much in a FM like Shanghai one ( SH FM is my 9th FM since 2014) ^_^ It was a FM which full of surprises for her.

The video greeting message from Pinocchio buddies has recalled her some complex emotion of the lost and loneliness after Pinocchio. She started to cries. After she was sharing how she felt from 3 Pinocchio buddies’ warm greeting message, then the biggest surprise of that night happened.

How come he will sudden appear here, just like a ghost? “ , Shin Hye said it with her full of surprise & excited expression. She was so touched and excited to keep crying, laughing and jumping around the stage, and all fans was also so excited to screaming as loud as they can to welcome SeoBeomJo / KimYoungKwang joining us for that night! ^_^

KYK x Shin Hye part was full of joy. Shin Hye and fans had many funny and naughty conversation in this part. I don’t think such kind of surprise or emotion can duplicate or repeat in later FM this year. It will only be make sense after everybody still in a kind of post-Pinocchio symptoms and mood. >_<

“ 陪伴 “ ( Always Here )  is the name of the video which PSH_BaiduBar prepared to playing in the FM as the last surprise to Shin Hye. I don’t really know how these young people ( the hard core PSH BaiduBar admin are really young, even much younger than Shin Hye ) can produce a video in such direct, clear and full of emotion images & messages.

My Dear KR versions and other two Chinese songs “ 夜空中最亮的星 ( The brightest star in the darkness sky ) “ & “ 漂洋過海來看你 ( To see you, I come across the oceans )) “ has been chosen as background music for the video. If you read 3 songs name in once then you will get the core message of the video: “ My Dear, the brightest star in the darkness sky, to see you, I come across the oceans. “

If you know and understand Chinese, you will have more feeling on “ To see you, I come across the oceans “ ( 漂洋過海來看你 ) this sentence of lyric. Obviously Shin Hye seems can total emotionally connected with this lyric from the video: “ I spend all my half year saving to come across the oceans to see you! “ Even she was backing us while watching the video but all of us still can see and feel that she was so touched and was trying so hard to manage her tears.

I will quote part of the content from the video and part of Shin Hye’s thank you speech as the last part of my FA Eng ver ^_^:

You always will be the brightest star in the eyes of StarLight Angels


The best thing we can imagine is to stay with you to becoming old


Even we don’t know each other’s language and culture


But we still hope we can near you more


Even we only see you quietly


You are our angel


We are your guardians


Please remember living in a good way, Park Shin Hye


Come to visit us often


Can you meet us once per year?


“ Today, I had enjoyed such a happiest and fortunate time


It reminds me that I was so silly for the feeling down and unhappy in pervious period of time


I can acting like it and won’t falling down, and keep going ahead bravely

我可以像這樣子演戲 然後不會跌倒 一直勇往直前走下去

It is all because of your love and caring


It let me can keep going ahead bravely


I will believe all of you. Keep going ahead bravely

我就相信你們  一直勇往直前走到底

Thank You very much


I love you


“by Park Shin Hye 20150328 Shanghai

< I wrote my FM blogging after each FM. Sometime I can finish the blogging really fast. Sometime it takes me certain period of time to finish all writing. Sometime I only wrote in one language ( most of time I was writing in Eng ). Sometime I will write both Chi & Eng ver ( content is different). And in each FM across Asia, I have made many new fanship. You have no idea how amazing it can be. >_<

In Shanghai FM, it was my first FM has connected with China PSH_BaiduBar. But I didn’t have much time to chit chat with them during the FM day. They were so busy from the afternoon I first met them outside the FM venue to see them to distribute many FM support gifts, to inside the FM concert hall still busy to take care many minor things, shooting photos & videos etc. But one thing really hit my mind was those faces I have met was really young ( One hard core admin is much younger than Shin Hye). After I back to HK, I have read one Weibo blogging from that hard core BaiduBar admin to re-cap how they were trying to organise all FM related activity. I was so impressive. Later then, through my Chi Weibo FM blogging, I have connected with many China fans to re-cap many good memories for this FM.

I truly believe one day when those young people grow up, they will feel so blessed that in their young age, that kind of love & support they have ever made for their brightest star in the darkness sky. >


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2015 Asia Tour – Dream of Angel in China: Shanghai FM @ 28 Mar (朴信惠 2015 巡演上海站)-박신혜-パク·シネ-中文版 Chi ver

Seoul  Tokyo – Shanghai – HongKong – Taipei – ShenZhen – ChengDu

 ChiEng – Korean

離開 FM 會場,回到南京西路的大街,已經快到晚上10 時半了。街上人還多,燈也亮,我一個人走著,在帶點涼快的晚上,也不趕時間,就慢慢的踱步回酒店去了。在那三十分鐘的路程中,我腦海中不斷出現吧裡做的那個視頻的片斷、信惠的感言,中間不斷回憶、插入那群很年輕的吧務們的樣子,想起從中午到晚上 FM 現場看著她們忙碌又帶點忙亂的在安排這、安排那,在看  FM 時又要忙著拍照錄像,想著想著,腦海中的鏡頭不期然便剪接到了視頻中這一句歌詞:

「為你 我用了半年的積蓄漂洋過海的來看你」— 信惠看到這句歌詞時,感動/忍眼淚得腰也彎下來。當時,我們是全場大合唱著的。看完視頻後,信惠有提到這句歌詞,她哭著說大家飄洋過海的來看她,但相聚的的時間這麼短,她感到很惋惜。 現場的粉聽到後,有些粉便在座位上大喊出來﹕「我們願意」、「謝謝您」!如果你是當晚的一份子,你是沒可能不為這一幕而動容的。

如果你懂得中文,你會明白「漂洋過海」這四個字,背後總是有著一份不容易、一份艱難的情懷。如果你知道中國有多大,一場在上海的 FM,很多粉可是從全國來的。我在現場,便聽到很多「你今天晚上便回去,這麼趕?」、「我明天一早坐大巴回去」等等的對白。散場後,有一位粉不知怎麼把場外擺設中一個人形大的信惠紙牌公仔搬了下來,但她是浙江來,不能帶回去,很可惜的模樣。

從去年( 2014 )7月的東京 FM 開始,這 8 個多月來,我其實去過很多信惠的FM ^_^ 但我從沒有見過她會像這一場,哭得那麼多,笑得那麼開懷、燦爛,那麼多跟我們(粉們)撒嬌、鬥嘴互動的。當然,更不用說當凡潮/英光驚喜登場時,她的哭笑不分、投懷頓足了。



從那兩位可憐的攝影師給粉們喝趕開始(因為前排的位置總是有一些粉會給攝影機擋著的),當時其實給擋著視線的前排粉已在 MC 哥哥的勸告下沒再大叫,但我猜信惠在台上應該還是看到粉們因為視線被擋的反應,結果便出現她親自出聲調停的那一幕 ( youku有很多 Fam Cam 視頻 ) ,她出主意左右兩旁各放攝影機十分鐘,自然引來原本沒給擋著的一方粉反應。我們的信惠就開始對粉撒嬌啦…滿有愛嘴甜甜的便把事情擺平了。後來,那兩位攝影不知什麼事候索性把攝影機搬到台上去,結果又引來大家笑了一場。他們其實很委屈的, 從 FM 沒有開場已一直給粉趕著(那是我,我當時叫他們把機移到最近台前,不要太貼近前排座位),他們都很願意,非常好人的^_^

到了分享 Pinocchio 那個初吻片段時,現場有粉大叫小孩不宜,信惠聽著大笑,還取笑 MC 哥哥像看得很開心的,之後 MC 哥哥問她跟那麼多人一同看,有沒有害羞?她得戚的說之前在日本 ( White Day Party ) 第一次跟很多人一同看,覺得超丟臉( 當時她害羞得把頭都埋進面去),但這次是第二次,還可以啊!那個得意洋洋不在乎的表情,超可愛!

之後分享仁荷辭退記者一職後回家跟爸爸那一場哭戱。MC 哥哥問她為何可哭得那樣漂亮,現場粉大叫「她原來便很美」,信惠對粉的讚美完全受落,回答 MC 哥哥說我有什麼辦法啊,就是跟他們( 粉 ) 說的一樣…說著她自己也哈哈大笑出來,又裝作不好意思的模樣 ^_^

當然,這晚的高潮,必然是凡潮/英光的驚喜出現。信惠對這位 Oppa的出現,完全是真情流露,那份雀躍和感動, 那樣的又哭又笑,手舞足蹈,在我之前去過的 8 場 FM 中,還是第一次見到。( youku 上有視頻,大家一定要去看啊 )但氣氛最熱烈的,還是當 MC 哥哥問俩人會不會希望在下部作品中演一對真正的情侶,現場粉立即用韓文大叫「不可以」,信惠聽到後笑得吐出來,反問為什麼?我們不相配嗎?粉們繼續大叫不可以,弄得她又嘴甜甜的再問,那麼我們相配嗎?(指和粉絲們)最後,MC 哥哥說他們(粉們)說你(指信惠)是他們的,弄得她又大笑起來。但最有創意的還在後頭,當MC 哥哥繼續問兩人下部戲想演什麼角色(指關係),現場我們聽到粉們大叫的竟然是「兄妺」、「爸爸」,最後,連「爺爺」也給叫出來,

信惠面對這麼頑皮的粉們,只有裝作小生氣,說你們這也太過份了,他可是專誠來的啊,又叫大家向這位 Oppa 道歉!最後,大家做了個把愛心放在頭上的手勢,送給這位非常帥氣的 Oppa!

另一個我個人特別喜愛的,今年FM中的合照環節中,有模仿崔仁荷。其中,當然少不了經典的載著紅圓椎筒的一幕。拍照完畢,那位粉竟然問信惠可不可把圓筒帶回家,當時即時招來哄堂大笑,神奇的是,信惠第一個反應竟然是「可以的啊」!我們見她即時問工作人員可以嗎?工作人員竟然也說可以啊!然後,我們可愛的信惠,一把攬著那個紅圓椎筒,像很不捨的,最後才送給了那位粉。可以想像,這個圓筒,會是這位幸運的粉人生中一份非常奇特而宝貴的禮物。真不知她除了放在家,還可以拿來幹什麼。有機會,我一定要介紹她認識日飯英治夫婦^_^ 英治夫婦也有一對這樣的圓椎筒,兩星期前的東京FM,他們還把圓筒帶進場,結果信惠在台上看到了,露出驚訝之後大讚了一句﹕「 DaeBak」

今年 FM 主題是夢想  Dream,於是,我們的 Angel 也努力的實現粉們的夢想,粉們在台上台下把願望說出來,從小小的要求她重現仁荷在劇中經典的扭腰扭屁股的小舞步,到要求擁抱、到跟剛好在這晚生日的粉送上很溫暖的祝福和擁抱,這顆明亮的星星,這晚把㑹場照耀得只有溫暖!

我是周五晚下班後從香港飛過來的,到了酒店快凌晨一時,弄那個VPN弄了兩個小時,接近四時才睡。第二天進進出出,回到酒店把紅米手機拍的小許圖片和視頻,用很慢網速的傳送回 iPhone,再試著上載到 YouTube 和 Twitter,結果又是凌晨三、四時才睡,周日一整天都像個死人一樣,當天晚上我便飛回家了。過去三個月,其實我工作上是處於極端忙碌的狀況,沒想過她的生日會/韓國 FM之後,東京和上海的FM,會這麼近地發生。三月份,兩個周末兩次48小時的旅程,也算是一個紀碌罷了^_^ 但當然,一切都是很值得的。


最後,我用「陪伴」這個 Video 中某些文字,還有信惠的話作結:











「 這次今天一起相處的時間真的是非常愉快



     今年已經是第三年啦 來跟大家見面

    真的 我之前都未有想到會有今天的一天

    我可以像這樣子演戲 然後不會跌倒 一直勇往直前走下去



   我就相信你們  一直勇往直前走到底


   我愛你們 」朴信惠 28.3.2015 上海


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2015 Asia Tour – Dream of Angel in Japan: Tokyo FM & White Day Party @ 15 Mar (朴信惠 2015 巡演東京站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Seoul – Tokyo – Shanghai – HongKong – Taipei – ShenZhen – ChengDu

Shin Hye Cake: Shin Hye made a cake today in Tokyo FM. One JP fan ( Twitter @nam00n ) was chosen to awarded the cake because her writing about Shin Hye! After FM, some fans ( including JP/KR/HK ) met her and she was not only let us taking photos with the cake. She actually invited all of us sharing the cake after photo taking. So, around 10 fans had a bite of ” Shin Hye Cake “. It was one of the best part to me for 2015 Tokyo FM! Thank You!!!^_^

Candles: Shin Hye has held FM & White Day Party ( dinner show ) at same venue but different rundown this year. The dinner show had around 100 fans to attend with 4 fans per table. Closeness – is the first word I would like to use to describing the feeling among Shin Hye & fans in the party. The rundown was making her had a lot of moment really close to us. Shin Hye is always good in pink! She dressed pink suit in the first half of the party. Then, after a few moment disappearing from the stage, she entered the hall from another exit in a sharp & bright red suit plus wearing a sliver high heel ( she tied up her long hair with red suit  for second half of party ) ^_^

And she was holding a long lighter to light up the candles of each table for us. The reflection of the light from the fire on her face, on her suit creating an unbelievable gorgeous & harmony scene. We all watched she walking around the party hall, with a cheerful smiles to lighting candles from one table to another. She truly did it with her hearts. That moment was so impressive in my mind. Felt so touching & be blessed.

Pinocchio Cone: I sat with Eiji san couple in the FM. If u followed Eiji san twitter u mostly knew that he owns a pair of Pinocchio orange( or red ) cone ^_^ He brought that pair of cones to the FM. In a photo game section with fans, Shin Hye & one fan need to wear that pair of cone to take photo together. But the cones had been prepared were in white color ( I don’t really get this point, why in white color? ). And Shin Hye did aware that pair of orange cones Eiji san brought inside the hall. After Shin Hye confirmed with Eiji san he owns that pair of cones, Shin Hye felt so amazing & said: Daebak

Fans: If you have followed any FA about Shin Hye for certain period of time, you must have an impression for some really consistent comment from fans – Shin Hye always be kind & friendly to fans. Eiji san’s wife didn’t feel well yesterday. She wear a mask most of time. Obviously Shin Hye saw it from stage since we were really close to Shin Hye. When the moment Shin Hye came to Eiji san table, Shin Hye did talk to her & asking her condition. Another moment was when Shin Hye sang her last 2 songs, she did keep walking around the stage in 360 degrees so let all the fans can see her. When she sang ” Arm Pillow “and near my side, I did waving hands to her, she saw me & waving back. Later, when she sang the last song ” Love like snow “, I were waving hands to her again, this time, she walked towards me a few steps & waved back again >_< In FM, Shin Hye really pay her attention to fans! It is what I am trying to say!!

Group Photo: White Day Party – I didn’t know we will have table group photo with Shin Hye in the party until I already inside the party hall. ^_^ It was a big surprise for me!!! Even each table have 4 fans, but the organizer manage the group photos with some flexibility. I sat with JP fan Kondo san and another HK fan Pi, so our group photo was just 3 of us with Shin Hye ^-^

Shin Hye was put down her long hair with her bright red suit to take photos with us. In every group, Shin Hye asked us to do different cute pose together for the photo. The pose of the group previous ours was to put their hands as ” love shape ” under chin. For our group, Shin Hye asked us to putting fingers on both side of our faces to smile cutely ^_^

During that short period of time photo taking session, Shin Hye did chit chat with us. She talked to Konda san about he dressed differently tonight & it was cool  ( should refer to most of us dress more formal in white day party ). And after photo taking, Pi also had some conversation with her.

Even she has already taking photos with 21 groups ( we are in group 21 ) and should still have less than 10 groups coming. But Shin Hye was still so responsive to fans.


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2015 Asia Tour – Dream of Angel in Korea: Seoul FM/Birthday Party @ 14 Feb (朴信惠 2015 巡演首爾站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Seoul – Tokyo – Shanghai – HongKong – Taipei – ShenZhen – ChengDu

Part 1 ( Shin Hye Parents’ Restro )-Part 2 ( Agatha Fan Signing )-Part 3 ( BDay Party )

I went 5 of Shin Hye’s FM across 4 Asia countries in 2014. It’s already been 5 months since the last FM in Thailand. I am a new fan ( or named as a new face among her fans community ) to Shin Hye. 30 Apr 2014, was the first day I had started to watch The Heirs ^_^ From Cha Eun Sang to Choi In Ha, from Tokyo to Seoul, I felt so excited that I finally can enjoy all fans things in her hometown – South Korea.

My FA will be a little bit long. The trip was not only about her birthday party/Korea FM, it was also about my first visit to Shin Hye parents’ restaurant & the most surprised Agatha Fan Signing ( it was only announced 1 week before the FM and we were so lucky had been helped by some KR fans to purchasing products for the signing tickets ).

Parents vs Daughter: If you are a fan of Shin Hye, her parents’ restaurant should be one of the must-visit place during your stay in Seoul. We have visited the restaurant on Fri night. ( Fan signing & FM hold on Sat ) The restaurant was located near Jamsil area.

Since we came with KR fan who knows Shin Hye’s mom really well, Shin Hye’s mom spent quite a lot of time to take care our table that night. From helping us to order food, chit chat with us, to roasting meat for us.  ( it is a KR style roast meat / BBQ intestines restaurant ) . I remembered she stood besides our table, roasted most of meat for us once she no need take care other customers. You may find my description too exaggerate but that kind of friendliness was like we are ” friends ” rather than ” fans ” of her daughter. ^_^

If u go Twitter & read a FA of @egolden, then u will read a truly touched story about Shin Hye mom was trying to stop us to purchasing some plum wines from her restaurant. I remembered that part but never know the full story until @egolden tweet out the story after the trip.

Another impressive conservation between Shin Hye’s mom and me is near the end of our visit, I forgot what I was talking but after some simple reply, she spoke in KR to say she felt sorry cos she don’t know Eng ( KR fan translated for me ). She was so humble. It is why we always feel Shin Hye’s humbleness. Like mother, like daughter.

The restaurant is a middle size one. I saw Shin Hye’s father was busy to walking around, in and out the restaurant to take care everything. If you have ever read any FA about visiting the restaurant, fans always said Shin Hye’s parents always in a big & cheerful smiles. That night I saw both of them chit chat a lot with customers in a casual & friendliness atmosphere. For sure, Shin Hye is inherited good genes to have cheerful smiles from her parents.

I didn’t talk much to Shin Hye’s father comparing to mother. The only conversation between us was when we were taking a group photo ( I travelled with another HK fan & one Indonesian fan this time ), we have talked about the height and he used his hand to show Shin Won oppa ( Shin Hye’s older brother ) is higher than him. He talked about it with a proud of smiles.

After the Fri night dinner visit, I have re-visited the restaurant on a Tue afternoon to enjoy a quiet lunch after a few days’ happy and packed schedule. Later then I met a friend at Jasmil area. Shin Hye’s mom remembered me. I picked a corner table & Shin Hye’s mom help me to order. I told her I couldn’t eat spicy food. After staff deliver the food and I have started to eat ( I was so hungry that time ) , she came to checking do the food is ok for me ^_^ I told her it is not spicy. She said ” sweet ” and smiled.

During the lunch, I was keep hearing ” Shin Hye ” ‘s name from tables next to me. Guess most of customers here familiar with Shin Hye and her family.

After a quiet lunch, I paid the bill and plan to leave to meet my friend.( Shin Hye’s mom has already left that time ) I saw Shin Hye’s father outside  to do something. I came to say goodbye & have found that he squatted down to prepare some charcoal pot ( using for BBQ ) for customers’ later use. It is a small restaurant & things been handled by couple themselves.

There is a sentence we always hear or read from SNS: What kind of artist will have what kind of fans. For me, my little bit elaboration on top will be what kind of parents will have what kind of children ( daughter ).

Fan Signing: It is another surprise for my trip ^_^ For me, chance can be part of the Fan Signing is much less then go Shin Hye’s FM.

Every Fan Signing is different. How to get the signing ticket is the first thing we need to find out. Some fan signing will ask fans to buy products on first come first serve base. Some need lucky draw even after purchasing products and some will only ask fans in a queue with first come first serve on the event date. I was so lucky the Agatha Fan Signing falling into category 1.

I still remember Agatha announced the event one week before the FM and that morning we were ( my travel buddy Pi & I ) so busy to find out the way to get the tickets. ^_^ You can imagine if we have already in Seoul that day, we sure want to join more activities on top of Shin Hye’s B Day party. After some back & forth, we have secured our signing tickets through some super nice KR fans. Eiji San had already in Seoul that weekend, and he was also really nice to say he can help actually.

Location is next thing we care about after how to get ticket. ^_^ Again, we were so lucky Agatha fan signing hold inside a department store open area. It recalled my experience of attending the press conference of Thai FM last year. With more people can participant even they may not can got the signing, the atmosphere were hot that day.

My signing ticket is number 21 and I stood at the first line in the waiting area. So I can saw the opening part in a near distance. From Shin Hye entering the signing event area, waving hands to fans and media, delivered a short speech with MC to sitting down to sign the first signing for media to take photos. Things so real. Even we had seen such scenes many times from many previous fan signing videos. But the day when you are part of the fan signing, you will feel the different.

It was my fifth time can see Shin Hye in such near distant and it was my second time in her fan signing. Comparing with Tokyo FM one, I have better preparation. ^_^ Beside the flowers and a original designed card I gave her, I also prepared one simple KR to introduce myself and glad she understood what I was speaking with some smiling response. And I need to speak in following way AGAIN, Shin Hye real person is much more prettier than in TV or any good quality printed photos, magazines sort of. ^_^ LOL. I actually answered many times to many fans upon this point since last year.


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in Thailand: Bangkok FM @ 20 Sept (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演曼谷站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo Shen ZhenChang ShaTaipei – Bangkok

 2 months – 4 countries – 5 FM

You Are The Best Dear To Me – Shin Hye update her second selfie group photo ( the one with all of us to holding “  You Are The Best Dear To Me “ sticker ) in twitter after she arrives Bangkok airport on the way to back home.

The 2014 FM tour was rounded off in a perfect way by “ You Are The Best Dear To Me“ project . Truly appreciate PSH_Thai FC to have this warm & touching ideas. Shin Hye is so moved after she saw the project. She gave a touching speech with full of tears in nearly 10 mins. And later after the last song The Day We Fall in Love, she takes the second group photo with us to use the project as background. For one moment, she sings “ You are the best dear to me “ with her clear voice. It should be the best group photo for 2014 FM tour. I am so glad be part of it 🙂

PSH vs Kim Tan – Shin Hye chooses total 3 new Best of the Best videos to sharing tonight ( the videos which are chosen to sharing is same for both Tokyo and Taipei FM ). And I never heard so many “ Kim Tan “ during video sharing or interviews part like tonight.: ) Shin Hye talks many about Kim Tan & fans sure shows great response on it. LOL! The chemistry among MC, Shin Hye & fans just been so great & full of big laugh & interaction again : )

And I am sure fans will never forget she has whispered a few dialogues while she is watching the best of best videos tonight. Amazing!

If you love The Heirs, if you love Kim Tan & Cha Eun Sang, you will find it is like a kind of dream tonight. It must be our dream catcher to make our dreams in this way.

PSH – She shows her confidence on her stage performance really much tonight. From full of emotion slow song in a more mature look to the fast songs in a cuteness performing. From making fun with MC to joking with fans. She shares the best moment with fans. Fighting, looking forward she will have more awesome performance in future.

Cha Eun Sang – Guess all of fans do expect we will see Cha Eun Sang tonight! We are actually lead by MC to shout loudly “ Cha Eun Sang “ to welcome her on stage with us. : )

To fans, it may be our last time to meet Eun Sang in person. The memories from Tokyo, Taipei to Bangkok all are so good. After tonight, I truly hope Shin Hye will move on to a new role to accept more challenge in near future. We are looking forward her new TV and any new things she is going to try.

Cha Eun Sang, will always be a sweet dream in fans’ heart.

Best of the Best – Here is my own Best of the Best moment on 5 FM:

Tokyo – The concert part of Tokyo FM is still the most completed among all FM I have attended this year. “ Young, sexy & elegant “ is the overall impression for Shin Hye’s concert part that night.

Shen Zhen – Young & HOT China fans impressed me a lot. Even I don’t really fond of fans still screaming & shout loudly when an artist sings slow song. But without doubt China fans shows their passion & support to Shin Hye.

Chang Sha – It is Shin Hye’s first RAP for Break Up for You, I’m still…( Standing Eggs remake ) in live. Truly glad I am one of those fans to listen it that night.

Taipei – Sure it is PSH to CES speech part. Truly hope when the day Kim Tan & Eun Sang is getting marry, they will not only invite Shin Hye but also all of fans. LOL.

Bangkok – “  You Are The Best Dear To Me “ project rounded up and re-cap all my good memories in 2014 FM tour.

Fans vs Friendship – It is always been so amazing to see fans willing to bring all those Shin Hye goods from one country to another country for sharing. I did receive some nice goods from Eiji san in Taipei, and have received more from PSH_Thai fans & PSH_Supporters from Korea in Thai FM. And all fans are so excited when they see my TongYi Juices small gift. Hummm, in the matter of fact, the mango taste TongYi Juices with Shin Hye packing do out of stock on and off. Lucky I have two friends who are working in Shen Zhen and willing be my supplier of the juices. : )

I am also so lucky to meet a Thai fan who know Chinese during the Press Conference the day before the FM. @ingsocute, thanks for all your translation help on the PC, during & after the FM. @Ployzsuay, thank you to help me on the FM ticket booking & your gifts @ling_ml, I think we have a good time in Bangkok especial that night we “ meet the Princess ” things.

FAQ – Follow 2 questions I have been asked from many fans I have been connected in Twitter, weibo or my blog over last 2 months after I back from Tokyo FM:

Q 1: Please tell me do Shin Hye real person is truly beautiful?

A 1: Yes. Definitely. No doubt about it.

Q 2: Do her real person much more pretty than in TV?

A 2: Again, the answer is yes. Her real person looks much more pretty than in TV.

The time when we say good bye to some Thai fans after FM Hi-Touch & small group photo taking, I do remember @Pane_blue say see you in Twitter later.

Yes, let’s see each other in Twitter until the day we meet again in next FM : )

Patsy @ 21 Sept Bangkok

Story of Angel in Thailand - Bangkok

Story of Angel in Thailand – Bangkok


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in Taiwan: Taipei FM @ 14 Sept (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演台灣站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

Expectation – In my last FM ( Chang Sha in China ) blogging, I do mention Chang Sha FM full of unexpected surprise. So, if you ask me have I found any surprise in Taiwan FM today/tonight, my answer will be yes even it is already my fourth FM ( Shin Hye’s eighth ) since July and most of rundown for TW FM are similar to JP/Tokyo FM. In this case, you can imagine it will be hard for me to find any surprise from the rundown or the production itself, today surprise actually comes from the interaction among Shin Hye, her brother Shin Won & fans. 🙂

Dating – I don’t know how many young, sexy & pretty female artists’ fans will encouraging his/her idol to go dating! Well, Shin Hye’s fans do. 🙂

It is my second time to watch Shin Hye on stage with her brother. Shin Won is a person full of humour. He loves making joke with his “ always being loved by so many fans but only be a sister for me “ younger sister. From Tokyo to Taipei, I have found he is getting better & better to teasing Shin Hye actually. Those chemistry is so funny, warm & full of love from a caring bigger brother to his younger sister.

So you can imagine when Shin Won & Shin Hye was teasing with each other on dating things, those conversation just full of laugh.

“ Shin Hye don’t have boyfriend but I have a girlfriend now  “ ( Shin Won )

“ My boyfriend also on-the-spot now “ ( Shin Hye )

“ Your fans only shows compassion to you now… “ ( Shin Won )

“ She suppose can’t dating now, right? “ ( Shin Won )

“ I still don’t think you can dating… “  ( Shin Won )

Fans’ response on this dating joke also impressive. We just shouted out loudly “ Yes,she can “. LOL. That moment, that kind of emotional attachment among fans and Shin Hye is so sweet & warm!

PSH to CES – TW FM is echoed with JP FM, to pay a tribute to The Heirs. Shin Hye’s today speech to Eun Sang not only full of emotion but also give fans a big surprise for how she ends the speech.

“ Eun Sang, it don’t have much time until your university exam, you know those exam in Korea is really important, if you don’t want been blamed by your mom, you need working hard on it … “

“ No matter how many difficulties both of you are facing in future, you and Kim Tan please still holding hands tightly & never let go of your hands … … even more difficulties you are going to face, you should just like Kim Tan always said, just keep on going … “

“ I feel so happiness to meet you and also thank you so much “

“ And if one day you and Kim Tan is getting marry, please don’t forget to send me an invitation! “

We ( fans ) just couldn’t stop to laugh loudly when hearing the last part of speech. Really unexpected Shin Hye will have such so sweet conversation with Eun Sang ( & fans ).

Live – I am a person to enjoy live performance. But not every artist can be a good live performer. Shin Hye is good on it from my own experience.

She not only have good interaction with MC and fans during interviews / Q&A part, she also shows her calm & quick response from facing some outstanding issue on stage ( just some minor things but since I am sitting in the first row, so I know about it ) to some unexpected fans response during Q&A section.

If you consider you are a true fans of her, her live performance will worth your time & hearts. You will more like, love & support her after you are really sitting at the same hall & spend some time with her in her FM. : )

Songs – Well, I am a little bit greedy I admit. Even today’s Break up for me, I’m still … is so perfect with she RAP again. ( No offence, but the background noise from fans in Chang Sha FM is just too loud, I barely can listen clearly what she RAP for this song last time ). But I miss Without Words so much!

Oppa – After all those Hi-touch / group photo taking things, some fans do leaving the FM venue a little bit late. It is why we have found Shin Won is leaving with his guitar by himself. He is really friendly & nice to fans when waiting lift at lobby. Fans are just chit chat & shaking hands with him. Looking forward he can have more music co-operation with his sister in future.

The last feeling I should like to share is I actually feel some of fun to see how Shin Hye just so determined to refuse answering those questions about “ Which kisses scene are your favourite? , Who is your favourite co-star? Which co-star you have most chemistry on kisses scene? etc. From all the FM I have attend so far, she just answers total different & un-related things & to ignore the original questions at all. Really straight forward! A truly smart person!

If nothing happen, next weekend Thai FM should be the last one in 2014. Have no idea what will happen since I don’t know Thai and I know no any English translation will be provided. Stay tuned.

Last but not the least, much appreciated on PSHTW to help overseas fans for the tickets arrangement. : )

Patsy @ 15 Sept Taipei

( TW FM is the first FM I go with other Shin Hye fans. It is much more fun to meet & to attend the FM with other fans not only from TW but also from other countries. Things been more perfect for me! Special thanks to my travel buddy even you are not a good Google Translate … LOL … Cheers )

Story of Angel in Taiwan - Taipei

Story of Angel in Taiwan – Taipei


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in China: Chang Sha FM @ 9 Aug (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演長沙站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

Life is full of unexpectation and surprise! Tonight Chang Sha FM is definitely one of them!

It is Shin Hye’s fourth FM in China since 2 weeks ago, and it is my second one. So it do make sense after going through all those fans cam videos from Shanghai, Chongqing to Shen Zhen, with still really fresh memory on those young, HOT & can’t stop screaming SZ China fans, I don’t expect any surprise tonight. My original expectation is only to see can I just ignore all those screaming & focus on her live performance!

Well, tonight not much screaming actually. Chang Sha fans shows their support in another way rather than screaming from beginning to ends. Once Lovely Day music come out and Shin Hye appear from backstage, fans just standing up, leaving their chairs & gathering in front of the stage. We ( including me for sure ) waving hands & light sticks to cheers for her first song in Chang Sha. : ) It also happens when she presents awards to the winner of the C Girls Competition & then saying goodbye to all of us. So, fans should give a big hug to tonight concert hall security guard & staff!
For me, it has more fun in a concert actually!

Second big big surprise is without ” Without Words “, she sings Breakup for You, I am still… ( the Standing Eggs remake ) tonight. It is my second favorite after Without Words : ). I never expect she will have second rundown in China FM. Another great part coming from she is choosing all those heart-breaking hugging & kissing videos from TheHeirs as background screening for Standing Eggs remake song. And she even RAP the part by herself tonight! Amazing! ( Shin Hye didn’t rap for this song in Tokyo FM )

I rarely describe how she dress in my FM blogging cos fans can have their own comment after seeing all photos. But I want to make one exception tonight. Her black & white with grey color tone dressing for judge part making her so cool & sharp tonight! In Cantonese description – 型到爆。

So, my little conclusion is I love Chang Sha fans more & I enjoy a great 2 days 1 night FM trip indeed. Wish she will have another great night in Beijing tomorrow. Then we ( Shin Hye & fans ) will have a month break until Taiwan & Thailand FM in mid September. I am so desperate to see she dance in Taiwan & Thailand FM now! LOL!

Patsy @ ChangSha @ 9 Aug 2014

( I was in a hurry to upload my blogging last night due to I can only visit wordpress/twitter/facebook etc through my mobile phone data roaming day pass plus VPN connection before midnight. As usual, I would like to share a little bit more my overseas FM minor things & thought even though they are not related to the FM itself. So I write again during my train back HK today.

First, I am happy to meet QQ guy ( a nickname ) who help me go through all those China FM lucky draw ticketing things in his hometown finally. Even he is not a fan of Shin Hye & KR TV drama, he do accompanied me to watch last night FM. With his accompany, I can run around the concert hall freely & no need to worry about my bag/stuff etc. : )

Second, ride on the high-speed-railway in China, it only takes around 6 hours from HK ( my home ) to Chang Sha. A really fast and comfortable ride with budget ticket prices. It really changes our concept of “travel”. For me, I don’t really count it as a “ oversea trip “ even I travel from the southern part to the central part of China. : ) And hope one day I no need those VPN connection but still can tweet, communicate with the rest of world from there! )

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in China: ShenZhen FM @ 3 Aug (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演深圳站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

From JP to China, Shin Hye has already held her FM tour across 5 Asia cities in last 16 days. Quite amazing indeed!

I used to mentioned in my Tokyo FM blogging the variety of Shin Hye’s JP fans base is amazing. Tonight, when we look into her China Fans base, it is dominated by young people for sure. Those young & HOT fans screaming from beginning to ends, from speaking her Chinese name loudly to everything! In the matter of facts, I also screaming with them to enjoy my great time in SZ night. LOL! And if you go to watch all those fans cam videos, you will find China fans singing along with Shin Hye really much. Tonight, most of fans sing along with her in the chorus part of Without Words & My Dear! In a word to re-cap, China FM is HOT! Full of passion! One moment, I thought I am in a rock n roll concert! : D

Since the China FM is part of the TongYi Juices – C Girl Competition Campaign, it also raises my interest on how to combine the theme of ” Story of Angel ” & ” C Girl ” things together. Especially the FM only in 1 hour long duration.

The mix & match with the combination of Story of Angel lighting backdrop, a really attractive FM theme music to those CF, Q & A related to TongYi Juices in a quite smooth transition actually. The overall approach and the way to deliver the message for China FM is pretty straight forward – her popular songs + most popular TV video clips + game with fans + answer fans’ Weibo questions & some questions from MC. A little bit difficult to find any surprise here.

Shin Hye’s full of passion & emotion singing to echo with those video shot from TheHeir & You’re Beautiful in a big screen to create a good impact on the audiences/fans. Fans screams a lot no matter what they saw & listened! And the Chinese version of My Dear is no doubt be another highlight after Story & Without Words. Even it is not the first time she sing a Chinese song. ( Personally I really love the Chinese version of Lovely Day she sang in last year Shanghai FM, I watched that video clip from YouTube all the time! LOL )  The video to talk about her brother & their childhood as the good leads to introduce the song. And again, her live performance for My Dear Chinese version proving to us her promising in singing.

The last thing I would like to share is she feels a little bit sad tonight. May be she emotional too involve when singing Without Words, I see her tears with such kind of sadness affection. It is not a kind of feeling I ever got from all those previous FM videos. In my memory, she always feel so happy, even had some touching moment with crying in FM, but just not in this kind of sadness sharing.

Chang Sha is her next stop after SZ. Ride on the high speed rail network, I am going to experience the so called ” living circle of high-speed-rail” in coming weekend. : )

Patsy in SZ@4 Aug 2014

( The following part of blogging not really about the FM itself. Just some personal sharing about the ” unbelievable ” & ” complicated ” process to play and redeem the China FM ticket. As a person who was born in HK, living in HK & have a lot personal & professional interaction with China, in the matter of fact, do I entitle to participant a commercial sponsor game in China? It don’t state it clearly from the game official website, at least I couldn’t find such info. And after a lot of chaos in China Style , even I do secure a FM ticket after lucky draw the last week of June, but I can only update my personal info with my China ID info successfully 3 days before the SZ FM. The reason we need to do so is because the FM ticket can only been redeemed with our China ID card plus the email invitation on the event day. As a dot.com person to earn her living in Internet in past 1x years, I admit I just couldn’t believe will have a game which suppose riding on online platform for lucky draw and redemption part will be have such huge amount of manual work at the end! And I really appreciate those Small C from TongYi Official Weibo account to help me to verify my identity )

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

Story of Angel in China - Shen Zhen

Story of Angel in China – Shen Zhen


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(Article) Park Shin Hye 2014 World Tour – Story of Angel in Japan: Tokyo FM @ 20 July (朴信惠 2014 世界巡演東京站)-박신혜-パク·シネ

Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

(Chi ver: 寫於中文的內容,跟英文原版不完全相同)

20:30 – I get lost in Tokyo AGAIN! ( I was so lost in Shinjuju for my Tokyo Marathon in Feb, and never expect I will get lost again in Ikebukuro! LOL ) Well, I total lost in Ikebukuro JR Station under heavy rains after the FM. After some searching, I finally in a taxi back hotel.

16:35 – One great thing for Japan FM, and it may be total different comparing with all other overseas FMs, is any photos or videos taking is prohibited during the event. More, once you enter the concert hall, where no any mobile signal can be found anymore, the only thing you can do is to concentrate on the FM itself. No any distraction it could be. 🙂

17:45 – Today/tonight is 100% Park Shin Hye vs Cha Eun Sang thing. No offence to all other ShinHye fans who are more favour on You’re Beautiful, Heart Stings or Flower Boys Next Door, but it is a FM to pay tribute to TheHeirs ( IMHO ). If you are a big fans of TheHeirs like me, even you don’t know any Japanese and Korean ( It’s me – LOL ), you still will be really enjoy the FM. From the first song Shin Hye sang as the opening of the FM, Story, to the “ best of best videos “ from TheHeirs are chosen to share, you will find so deep emotional sharing from ParkShinHye to ChaEunSang. It is so amazing we can actually sit in a same hall, to watch & to share part of the best video scene with EunSang herself!!!

And you can imagine how excited we are when Shin Hye dress in a Jeguk High School uniform to show up on stage. I am trying to search a vocabulary from my mind to describe how she look like in that uniform tonight, it is more than “ cute “, sure it is really “ cute “ , but still a lot more feeling can be filled inside rather than just “ cute “. Again, ParkShinHye/ChaEunSang in an uniform to take a group photo with all of fans tonight.

17:05 – Another great surprise for me is I never expect her live vocals can be so great. I have watched a lot of her previous FM videos from YouTube and China websites, from A.N.JELL, first JP FM, last year Shanghai, Manilla, Thailand FM, to this year New York Drama Fever FM, I know her Iive songs performance is full of emotion and better than the soundtrack, but what I have listened tonight is still a lot out of my expectation.If you compare “ Without Words “ from last year ShangHai FM to today Tokyo one, you will understand what I am trying to say here. I can really feel a young and talented artist to put her hearts on her career. And the overall concert arrangement from what she dress/hair style to the lighting & sound quality is so wonderful. Fighting!

Well, Shin Hye’s big brother Shin Won sure is another highlight for the night. It is a warm and funny brother-sister sharing things to fans. Much appreciated.

18:30 – Interaction with fans should play an crucial role in a FM. And for tonight FM, we are just full of laughs for all games & lucky draw playful things. One of the best arrangement I will name it is after Shin Hye making some juice and some fans has been chosen by her to taste it, she actually come down from stage to the floor to pass the juice to those chosen fans one by one, it makes her actually walking around the concert floor to connecting with most of fans in a near distance.

19:00 – The variety of fan-base is another great thing I would like to share. I saw different age group fans come today. More women than men. And JP fans is so subtle and shy. No offence again! Just true feeling. Highly appreciated again!

19:30 – After a sort of say goodbye to all of us and a video message from her full of emotion voice, I thought it should be the end of the FM … She sudden appear in the stage again with a new set of dress in a casual style! She sang one more song The Day We Fall in Love for us and we are all so excited to clap hands along the song, some of us even standing up to cheer for the moment.

19:45 – Shin Hye starts to signing for fans who have purchased the official goods today. It must have more than 100 fans in the signing queue. Her smile during signing is a little bit tired actually. May be too demanding after 2.5 hours long FM?

01:21 – I am happy can finish my blogging with so fresh memory. Next is should I just go bed or re-watch a little bit TheHeirs from my iPad mini? 😀

Good night – for all those good memories tonight : )

Patsy@Tokyo@21 July 2014

( Special thanks to all great JP fans & JP Fan Club staff on some Japanese/English  translation help today )


昨晚信惠東京的 FM ,只能用超級好看去形容!特別是當大會說明不準拍照及錄影。當你進到會場時,你㑹發現連手機訊號也沒有了。那一刻的好,是要一點時間去体㑹的!這讓我們更專心、更珍惜眼前的時光。聽過的、看到的、一同歡呼驚嘆過的,那些美好的回憶,更多留在腦海心底

我相信每一個 FM 的 Rundown,是不可能完全複製,總是會因應環境、場地和覌眾而有所不同。東京的 Rundown,是屬於日本 Fans 的。日本 Fans 的含蓄、害羞、內斂,做就了她兩度從台上跑下來,又從容地完成了她的任務,跑回台上去。Body Guard, 嗯,像見不到!也沒需要!

每一個 FM,可能都需要一個主題。這次的 FM,不只是屬於朴信惠的,還是屬於車恩尚的。從 FM 第一首歌「 Story 」開始、到之後每一個環節,都跟「継承者們」緊緊相扣。

如果你是一名超級「継承者們」Fans ,即使你完全不懂日文和韓文,像我,這個 FM,你還是會看得很投入和盡情的。從最佳片段分享、車恩尚經典鏡頭大合照遊戲、信惠親手弄並送給粉絲享用的果汁環節,每一個 Moment,都會勾起我們對車恩尚、對継承者們的回憶!FM 中,可以告訴大家,大部分時間,都是充滿笑聲的!



信惠哥哥的出場,當然也是這晚的重點之一。除了哥哥為妹妹彈結它伴奏的場面,樸實的哥哥,和開著玩笑的妹妹,跟 Fans 間的互動,也很溫馨。當台下粉絲大叫著哥哥的名字,哥哥也欣然受落,還像捨不得離開舞台的情景,便很親切。最後,哥哥可還是給妹妹笑著拉着回到後台啦!

全晚的開場,像一場 mini concert。當然我是知道她的現場演繹是很有感情、很好看的,也帶有期待。但這晚的 Live ,從 Story 的第一句開始、到 Without Word,之後的 Break Up then,Still… ( Standing Eggs remake ),每一句,都完全出乎我預期的好!這部分,從舞台背景燈光到造型衣著,配合得很出色!她的努力和付出,相信現場的 Fans 們都感受到。Fighting!

(Park Shin Hye Story of Angel World Tour 2014 in Tokyo 20 July 2014 – 後記中文版 寫於成田機場&回港機上)

             Tokyo > Shen Zhen > Chang Sha > Taipei > Bangkok

Story of Angel in Tokyo FM

Story of Angel in Tokyo FM


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