Park Shin Hye 2015 Asia Tour – Dream of Angel in China: Shanghai FM @ 28 Mar (朴信惠 2015 巡演上海站)-박신혜-パク·シネ – Eng ver

Seoul – Tokyo – Shanghai – HongKong – Taipei – ShenZhen -ChengDu

ChiEng – Korean

( the content of Eng ver not identical with Chi ver )

If you ask me to rank, I will rank this FM is the second the best after Tokyo White Day party in Mar among all 9 FM I have ever attended since last year ^_^

I did mention in my Tokyo FM FA to state that kind of closeness Shin Hye with us ( fans ) is something can only happen in JP ( I think can also happen in KR even Shin Hye seems never hold similar FM in her hometown ). But even Shin Hye only stayed at stage in Shanghai FM, but we can feel another kind of closeness among Shin Hye & fans regardless the physical distance.

MC brother & the translator have done a great job for the FM. And I am pretty sure Shin Hye understand many simple Chi words now. With the good MC & translator’s help, she can more easy to understand China fans’ response ( from Chi to KR ) & can gave more direct / faster response to echo with each other. It played a crucial part in a FM when we ( fans & Shin Hye ) comes from different language & culture background ^_^ It is part of the reasons when you watched back those fan cam videos, you will easy to find she was keeping big laugh & big laugh in FM. In some parts, my feeling was she total forgot she was on her public appearance with fans, and that kind of happiness was just like she enjoyed her own private party with friends.

Continue to talk more on the funniest moment in FM. Another reason was cos many response from China fans were really straight forward, honest & with all their true hearts. They will shouted loudly to tell Shin Hye ” because you are always pretty ” when MC brother asked Shin Hye why she still can so pretty during crying scenes to ” We don’t want you played as a lover with KYK cos you belongs to us ” . The best part was actually coming from Shin Hye & fans not totally agree with each other! China fans will shouted out clearly with the message ” No ” to Shin Hye & Shin Hye also answered with full of her quick response & in a humor way ^_^ At the end, big laugh is the only thing left in the conversation.

During FM, China fans asked Shin Hye update more on Weibo. Shin Hye’s first reply was a little bit tricky actually. She didn’t admit it & just asking fans ” you don’t think I have more update lately ? ” Sure all China fans shouted loudly ” No “. Then she smiled as her usual charming way & continued making joke with fans to say , ” Oh, you don’t think it will lack of mysterious if I updated more “. Well, here is our Shin Hye. After FM, she started to sync her IG post to Twitter & Weibo at the same time. She heard her fans’ voice ^_^

I always enjoy Shin Hye singing in live. Her live performance was full of emotion but not flawless. Every time when she stopped for a moment during her singing, no matter the reason what, sometime it was because of fans’ screaming response, and sometime it seems like she just stopped by herself, she will have that kind of sweet & a little bit shy smiles. It is a kind of signature smiles for me ^_^ In Shanghai FM, she had that kind of smiles again when singing Story. She seems couldn’t believe she will sing wrong in chorus part & keeping to smiles in that look for awhile. Well, after the song, she actually talked about it by herself when no one asking her ,” Oh, I just didn’t really aware that I was singing wrong ” >_<  Here is our humble & sweet Shin Hye as usual ^_^

In every FM, fans always expect some surprise. Sometime, surprise was coming from the scheduled rundown. Last year ( 2014 ), the biggest surprise should be Shin Hye was wearing Jeguk High School uniform to bring Cha Eun Sang on stage! Surprise can also bring from fans to the artists themselves. In 2014 tour, the last FM was in Bangkok ( Thai FM ), Thai fans prepared a video to Shin Hye and MC was asking Shin Hye come down the stage to watch the video ( she actually can just watch the video on stage ). After she watched the video and back to stage facing us again, in the dark, she saw all fans holding a banner with shinning words ” You’re the best dear to me “.

She was so touched and she couldn’t stop crying while giving her long thank you speech.

If you are a fan of her, you should know she is a person easy been touched and cries. But she is also a person easy to laugh. I never seen her laughs and cries so much in a FM like Shanghai one ( SH FM is my 9th FM since 2014) ^_^ It was a FM which full of surprises for her.

The video greeting message from Pinocchio buddies has recalled her some complex emotion of the lost and loneliness after Pinocchio. She started to cries. After she was sharing how she felt from 3 Pinocchio buddies’ warm greeting message, then the biggest surprise of that night happened.

How come he will sudden appear here, just like a ghost? “ , Shin Hye said it with her full of surprise & excited expression. She was so touched and excited to keep crying, laughing and jumping around the stage, and all fans was also so excited to screaming as loud as they can to welcome SeoBeomJo / KimYoungKwang joining us for that night! ^_^

KYK x Shin Hye part was full of joy. Shin Hye and fans had many funny and naughty conversation in this part. I don’t think such kind of surprise or emotion can duplicate or repeat in later FM this year. It will only be make sense after everybody still in a kind of post-Pinocchio symptoms and mood. >_<

“ 陪伴 “ ( Always Here )  is the name of the video which PSH_BaiduBar prepared to playing in the FM as the last surprise to Shin Hye. I don’t really know how these young people ( the hard core PSH BaiduBar admin are really young, even much younger than Shin Hye ) can produce a video in such direct, clear and full of emotion images & messages.

My Dear KR versions and other two Chinese songs “ 夜空中最亮的星 ( The brightest star in the darkness sky ) “ & “ 漂洋過海來看你 ( To see you, I come across the oceans )) “ has been chosen as background music for the video. If you read 3 songs name in once then you will get the core message of the video: “ My Dear, the brightest star in the darkness sky, to see you, I come across the oceans. “

If you know and understand Chinese, you will have more feeling on “ To see you, I come across the oceans “ ( 漂洋過海來看你 ) this sentence of lyric. Obviously Shin Hye seems can total emotionally connected with this lyric from the video: “ I spend all my half year saving to come across the oceans to see you! “ Even she was backing us while watching the video but all of us still can see and feel that she was so touched and was trying so hard to manage her tears.

I will quote part of the content from the video and part of Shin Hye’s thank you speech as the last part of my FA Eng ver ^_^:

You always will be the brightest star in the eyes of StarLight Angels


The best thing we can imagine is to stay with you to becoming old


Even we don’t know each other’s language and culture


But we still hope we can near you more


Even we only see you quietly


You are our angel


We are your guardians


Please remember living in a good way, Park Shin Hye


Come to visit us often


Can you meet us once per year?


“ Today, I had enjoyed such a happiest and fortunate time


It reminds me that I was so silly for the feeling down and unhappy in pervious period of time


I can acting like it and won’t falling down, and keep going ahead bravely

我可以像這樣子演戲 然後不會跌倒 一直勇往直前走下去

It is all because of your love and caring


It let me can keep going ahead bravely


I will believe all of you. Keep going ahead bravely

我就相信你們  一直勇往直前走到底

Thank You very much


I love you


“by Park Shin Hye 20150328 Shanghai

< I wrote my FM blogging after each FM. Sometime I can finish the blogging really fast. Sometime it takes me certain period of time to finish all writing. Sometime I only wrote in one language ( most of time I was writing in Eng ). Sometime I will write both Chi & Eng ver ( content is different). And in each FM across Asia, I have made many new fanship. You have no idea how amazing it can be. >_<

In Shanghai FM, it was my first FM has connected with China PSH_BaiduBar. But I didn’t have much time to chit chat with them during the FM day. They were so busy from the afternoon I first met them outside the FM venue to see them to distribute many FM support gifts, to inside the FM concert hall still busy to take care many minor things, shooting photos & videos etc. But one thing really hit my mind was those faces I have met was really young ( One hard core admin is much younger than Shin Hye). After I back to HK, I have read one Weibo blogging from that hard core BaiduBar admin to re-cap how they were trying to organise all FM related activity. I was so impressive. Later then, through my Chi Weibo FM blogging, I have connected with many China fans to re-cap many good memories for this FM.

I truly believe one day when those young people grow up, they will feel so blessed that in their young age, that kind of love & support they have ever made for their brightest star in the darkness sky. >


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  1. Hi I’m a fan of PSH, about the upcoming HK FM in HK, do you know how I can get a photo session with her. I saw somewhere saying that can provide the ticket no. So may have chance to be picked and take photo with SH. Only for 200 fans. Do you know, pls email me back many thanks.

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